ICOURSE: Narration of Possession 2.

ICOURSE OFFER 2017/2018 FALL SEMESTER 15-30 OCTOBER „Narration of Possession 2. CONFESSION” (E/29)

Lecturer: dr Urszula Idziak-Smoczyńska


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The course will develop an interdisciplinary approach of the phenomenon of confession (both secular and religious). We will study several discourse theories concerning confession, including psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, de Certeau), Foucaultian perspective of knowledge-power, and a new theory of subjectivity in the era of the death of the classical Cartesian subject (Derrida, Nancy).

Living in a highly exhibitionist culture mediated by technologically developed social media we will try to delineate where the discourse about oneself becomes confession and what does it mean? 
Following a theory according to which the end of the confe ssional practice brought by Protestantism has moved the urge to confess in the art domain, we will face – theoreti cally and practically – the difficulties engendered by confessional discourses.
The course participants will benefit from 15 hours of audio visual artistic expression practices (starting from creating pre-vis scenarios, video blogs or editing short documenta ries) under the supervision of professional filmmakers in CINEBUS during the 2017 edition of Film Spring Open Workshop in the Przegorzały UJ guesthouse.
Project financed by Małopolska region

Download course description in PDF file.