Wykład prof. Raffaele Torella, 8 XI 2017

Zapraszamy na wykład prof. Raffaele Torella (Uniwersytet „La Sapienza", Rzym) pod tytułem: The Aesthetics of liberation in Tantric Śaivism. Wykład odbędzie się w środę 8 listopada w sali nr 4, o godzinie 14:00.

 Scholarly research on Tantric Śaivism, and particularly on his main exponent, Abhinavagupta, has mostly viewed his works as divided into two distinct lines (or even phases), the philosophical-religious one and the aesthetic one, occasionally crossing each other. On the contrary to this common opinion, I claim that aesthetics lies at a very core of his religious worldview. The whole of the philosophy and worldview of Kashmirian non-dual Śaivism is impregnated with an aesthetic flavour. A major characteristic of this aesthetic-aristocratic attitude is the downgrading of all painful effort, seen as plebeian feature. However, such 'easiness' is really easy?

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