Kurs CEEPUS: Approaches to Central and Eastern Europe, 7-11 V 2018

Serdecznie zapraszamy na kurs, realizowany w ramach programu CEEPUS: Approaches to Central and Eastern Europe: Perspective of Sociology of Religion, który poprowadzi Prof. Dr  András MÁTÉ-TÓTH (Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of ScienceUniversity of Szeged Dept. for Study of Religions)

Zajęcia odbywać się będą w dniach: 7-11 maja, 2018
w godzinach: 9:00-12:00
w sali 9

 Topics of the course

1. Main markers of the region Central and Eastern Europe.
It will point out the betweenness of the states, lands, and societies of the entire region. The concept from Jenő Szűcs, Tree historical regions of Europa, and as well the idea of Międzymorze and some similar theories.

2. Overview of the different data of religion, confession and religiosity of the region. Data of the two waves of Aufbruch and as well the newest data from the Pew Forum.

3. Interpretation routine of societal and religious change: the theory of secularization and its critics (approaches by Detlef Pollack, Irena Borowik and as well the disjunctions of Peter Berger, José Casanova, and Charles Taylor).

4. Original approach I. Religion as empty signifier based on the theory of E. Laclau and Ch. Mouffe.

5. Original approach II. Religion in the wounded collective identity Approach by Mate-Toth.The summary published in Polish too.

Every reading material in PDF will be placed on the Pegas electronic platform.

The course will be finished by a written exam. Students have to present summaries of the readings and comment it critically.


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