Wykład: Migrant Souls: The Emotional Life of Nomadic Hearts, 30 V 2018

Serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład prof. Mara Matta pod tytułem: Migrant Souls': The Emotional Life of Nomadic Hearts, który odbędzie się w środę - 30 maja 2018, o godzinie 11:00 w sali nr. 9.

 In an age of growing migration flows and creation of larger transnational communities, studies on exilic and diasporic filmmaking, on one side, and on the visual narratives of migration, on the other, have met with growing interest (Naficy 1999; 2001; Rajgopal 2003; Loshitzky 2010). Works addressing issues like poverty, alienation, nostalgia for the home(s) left behind, and the blurring of the distinction between individual remembrances and collective memory, have been gaining an ever-increasing centrality both in the field of memory studies and among the scholars of migrations and diasporas.

This lecture reads through some narratives by Bangladeshi migrants who have travelled through Asia, or to the shores of Italy, in search of a better life. Considering the life narratives of these young nomads that have moved beyond the boundaries of their country through a physical and imaginary journey of the soul, I look at a nostalgic memoir of a Bangladeshi in Rome, a biopic film on a Bangladeshi in Malaysia and a mysterious document that surfaced in Lampedusa (Sicily) to address the dreams, the desires, the hopes and the unconquerable will to live of some 'migrant souls' who, despite getting trapped into vicious circles of poverty, disenfranchisement, alienation and nostalgia, remained true and steadfast in their quest for a life of dignity, belonging, love and remembrance.

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