Institute of Religious Studies is the oldest academic centre in Poland offering complete degree programmes in religious studies, and the country's leading research unit on the religions of the world.

The JU Institute of Religious Studies was created in 1974. The educational activities of the newly formed Institute of Religious Studies were initially limited to post-diploma studies in philosophy and religion, later transformed into a two-year programme for the students who wanted to study religious studies in addition to their main programme of study. 

In 1980, the Institute started an MA degree programme (a 5-year programme for undergraduates) in religious studies. Due to adaptation to the Bologna process, a 3-year BA programme and 2-year MA programme were launched in 2007. Between 1994 and 2011 it was also possible to undertake part-time MA studies in religion.

At the moment, the Institute offers three cycles of studies: three-year undergraduate studies, two-year graduate studies, and four-year doctoral studies. In 2014 new programmes were introduced at the Institute: the 1-year postgraduate "Myth Studies" and 2-year MA individual programme in religious studies for students aged over 30.

There are around 300 students studying here altogether, which contributes to creating a family atmosphere and provides a fertile ground for the direct contact between the students and the academics.

Institute is located in the Collegium Broscianum building at 52 Grodzka Str. in Krakow's Old Town.

Publications about the Institute:

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